Saturday, 18 September 2010

Matte Painting work

This is a trailer with one of the matte paintings I worked on at The Mill, the shot is at 0:12 seconds.


Nubian Greene said...

oh congrats,I really like that ad actually,didn't realise you where involved.

btw "harry blog" hahah very straight forward.

SirOiLaS said...

Harry Mon Ami!!!
Man I didn't know if you were still rocking On! glad to know that you're doing this kind of work :D keep it up and more updates PLEASE!!

Ben Ho said...

MOFO!!!!!!! Thats fuckign awesome! Im pretty wet after watching that! Fantastic news, Ive watched that section at 0:14 repeatedly lol. Im with Luis on this, get some more updates going mofo! Where are all these paintings youve been saying ur doing in your spare time?!?!?!? Show us NoooooooW!